May 2018

Dear Assessors

My physical assessment submission comprises a clamshell presentation box and a sketch-book.

The work in the box is divided into six parts. Parts 1 to 5 are in line with the structure of the course. Each part includes the relevant assignment and additional work where I feel that it shows evidence of my learning. Part 6 comprises my tutor’s formative feedback for all assignments.

I submit my sketch book to show my thoughts, further research, particular interests and ways of working throughout the course.

My digital submission is through my blog, under the following headings:

  • Assignments: the written elements of my assignments, including my preliminary work and responses to my tutor’s formative feedback reports.
  • Coursework: course exercises and research points.
  • Exhibitions and photographers: my research into the work of other artists.
  • Learning log: work undertaken in line with the structure of the course (as required).
  • Learning diary: (a more informal learning record).
  • Learning outcomes: self-assessments in line with the course learning outcomes: one at the end of each part of the course and two end-of-course self-assessments.

Please see the links below for all the work in connection with my individual assignments:

Thank you for looking at my work.

Claire 515896